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/* CSS placed here will affect users of the Vector skin */

// <pre>
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   This is the root LESS file that is parsed to produce [[MediaWiki:Vector-darkmode.css]].

   Subpages can be found at [[Special:PrefixIndex/MediaWiki:Vector-darkmode.less/]].

   To update [[MediaWiki:Vector-darkmode.css]] from here, users with the appropriate
   permissions can click the "Update CSS" button found to the left of the edit button.
   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ */

/* --------------------
   -------------------- */

@dark-body:          @black-pearl;
@dark-links:         @portage;       // link color
@dark-links-escape : escape("@{dark-links}"); // For use in SVGs
@dark-links-lighter: lighten(@dark-links, 20%); // Used on hover effect
@dark-links-lighter-escape: escape("@{dark-links-lighter}"); // For use in SVGs
@dark-page:          @big-stone;     // page bg color
@dark-text:          lighten( @portage, 15% );

@dark-wikitable-header:             @cloud-burst;
@dark-wikitable-background:         @pickled-bluewood;
@dark-wikitable-background-lighter: lighten(@dark-wikitable-background, 20%); // Used on hover effect
@dark-wikitable-border:             @big-stone;

@dark-infobox-header:       @big-stone;
@dark-infobox-subheader:    @cloud-burst;
@dark-infobox-background:   @pickled-bluewood;
@dark-infobox-border:       @cloud-burst;

/* --------------------
   -------------------- */

@dir: 'MediaWiki:Vector-darkmode.less';
@common: 'MediaWiki:Common.less';

// basic
@import '@{common}/variables.less';      // colors, shadows, etc.
@import '@{dir}/elements.less';          // HTML elements
@import '@{dir}/links.less';             // link colors
@import '@{dir}/files.less';             // files - images, audio, galleries
@import '@{dir}/interface.less';         // MediaWiki messages and anything outside mw-body
@import '@{dir}/diffs.less';             // page diffs
@import '@{dir}/ooui.less';              // OOUI

// editors
@import '@{dir}/codehighlight.less';     // highlighter when viewing (not editing) pages
@import '@{dir}/aceeditor.less';         // ace editor (for css, js, lua, etc.)
@import '@{dir}/sourceeditor.less';      // source editor and syntax highlighting
@import '@{dir}/visualeditor.less';      // VisualEditor

// templates
@import '@{dir}/wikitables.less';        // wikitables
@import '@{dir}/infoboxes.less';         // infoboxes
@import '@{dir}/messageboxes.less';      // messageboxes
@import '@{dir}/navboxes.less';          // navboxes
@import '@{dir}/templates.less';         // miscellaneous templates

// page specific
@import '@{dir}/discussions.less';       // [[RS:AD]] and [[RS:YG]]
@import '@{dir}/mainpage.less';          // main page
@import '@{dir}/specials.less';          // special pages
@import '@{dir}/gadgets.less';           // gadgets
@import '@{dir}/gecharts.less';          // GE charts

// custom classes
@import '@{dir}/tooltips.less';          // tooltips