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Server: https://discord.gg/DuvFUjC

Our goal is not to further separate the community. We understand that a lot of communities already exist, and we welcome everyone. We are providing a place for developers, designers, artists, and server admins to get together, share information, collaborate, contribute, and assist each other in a constructive environment.

While our focus is on the Volume 2 project, we do have members that provide assistance for setting up i25/i26 servers.

Rules for the Discord server

  1. Take your server or cross-server problems somewhere else.
  2. Respect everyone here, no matter their server origin or technical expertise.
  3. No NSFW content of any kind will be allowed.
  4. No spam or server advertising.

Check the pins before asking a question!

You will need permission to access certain channels that you are unable to send a message in such as #i24-development-ongoing and #i25-deployment-discussion. You can, however, chat in the "general" channels on each category.


  • Wisp Overlord: OuroDev administrators.
  • The Menders: Primary developers of Volume 2. Menders have contributed to the codebase and have elected to be represented with the title.
  • Clockwork: Focus on assisting and troubleshooting server setup, configuration, and administration.
  • Vindicator: Coders and/or contributors either from other servers, or who have elected to not be labeled as a Mender.
  • Ouroboros Scholar: Wiki Maintenance and contribution
  • Chronologists: This is the Volume 2 QA team.
  • Virtuoso: Artists focused on creating content for Volume 2 servers, here to discuss their methods
  • Visionary: Modders and content creators who don't fit in other groups. They delve into the game data to both understand and create.