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Game Client Distribution for both a New or Existing player base can be a resource-intensive and expensive undertaking.
The primary focus of this project is to provide publicly usable Mirror servers for common Game Client files to increase download speeds, decrease download times and get players into your server faster.

Mirror servers are compatible with both Tequila and CreamSoda Game Launchers

Mirror Servers ⇓

The following are the current public mirror servers that are members of this project.

Please note that any servers not listed below might be resources intended for use on a specific server or for a specific client version.
If you are using mirror servers that are not your own, you should check with the server owners before using them in your manifest.
Using mirror servers from other manifests to build yours is considered leeching and the server owners might not have the resources preallocated or available for unexpected loads your usage might bring.

The mirror servers listed below are offered as a community resource and you can use them as needed.

The mirror servers offer a few different versions of the City of Heroes game client to meet your needs, the following is a break down of each version
WARNING: Do not link to files you may find in directories not listed below as they could be unexpected versions or disappear without notice.

/savecoh Full URL: <mirror server>/savecoh
This was the latest version of the game client released by Paragon Studios before Sunset
  • Was the latest version publicly available to access Live Test servers before City of Heroes Sunset.
  • Same files you would have downloaded to load up Paragon Chat or Icon
  • Currently the default and preferred game client version used by most servers that run "SCoRE/i25" server base

This version should also be compatible with any server version if you include any needed changes (custom piggs or exe etc.)

/v2i1-Pre Full URL: <mirror server>/OuroDev/v2i1-Pre
This folder is somewhat complicated.
  • The game client has a few modified files compiled by 3rd party from v2i1 pre-released source code which can be buggy in some circumstances.
  • Contents of this folder were not originally intended to be used by any servers except specific "Test" servers however it became the main version used by many OuroDev i24 based servers pre v2i1 release.

This folder used to be named <mirror server>/Ouro and has been maintained for historical reasons. However, we do not recommend using this version

/v2i1 Full URL: <mirror server>/OuroDev/v2i1
This is a cleaned up and optimized version of the i24 game client with some sources recompiled from v2i1 Release by OuroDev.

Some changes include the following, for a more detailed list of changes, see

  • Removed Various 3rd party modules that were used in the live version of i24 that have been depreciated or outdated
  • Removed various text/help/buttons that use to point to help/cash store sections or URLs on the original live website (which no longer exists)
  • Added Ouroboros stylized login screen
  • Added support for -patchDir to include custom piggs etc.
  • Added support for PhysX on modern GPU's

This version should be compatible with any OuroDev based servers
Note: This is current as of the release of v2i1, files will be randomly updated in this folder if there is patches/bugfixes released by OuroDev.
If you are getting checksum errors using this folder its possible files have been updated and you should rebuild your manifest

Common Questions & Answers ⇓

  • Q: How much does it cost to use these Mirror servers in my Manifest? - [Expand]
A: One Billion... Thank you's?

But seriously this service is provided free of charge to support the rebuilding of the City of Heroes Community
Please consider checking out and/or adding your server at (for free) as an alternative to support this project.

  • Q: This is great! How can I donate to support this project? - [Expand]
A: While we are very grateful to hear you would like to financially support this project.

Just like all projects in collaboration with OuroDev we cannot accept donations to support this project.
But we can assure you, funding for these servers has been pre-allocated thru the end of the year at minimum.
Please consider checking out and/or adding your server at (for free) as an alternative to support this project.

  • Q: I run a small server on my home internet connection for my friends, will using these mirror servers help me? - [Expand]
A: Yes, if you host the Game Client files on your home connection your players will likely see lag spikes or map server errors.

Downloading the game files can saturate your upload bandwidth making the game in some cases unplayable until each download is completed.

  • Q: Why am I getting checksum errors after downloading from these mirrors with <Game Loader Name>? - [Expand]
A: If you are getting checksum errors, this is likely because you have the wrong file size or md5 hash listed in your manifest.

Try downloading the file directly and recheck the md5 hash and file size and update your manifest.
This can also be an effect of using randomly found mirror server sources from other manifests.
Note: In the rare event that this does not solve the issue please let us know in the OuroDev Discord.

  • Q: I think I am already using one or more servers currently listed on this list but the url looks different? - [Expand]
A: You are likely using <server name>/Ouro in your manifest, this has been decomissioned and replaced with <server name>/OuroDev/v2i1-Pre
  • Q: I have custom files (.pigg, .exe, etc..) can I still use these mirror servers? - [Expand]
A: Yes & No.

Yes, you can still use the mirror servers as resources for the files you have not customized.
However, you will need to host the custom files yourself.
We do not provide hosting for custom content at this time.

  • Q: Where are these mirror servers located? - [Expand]
A: Actually, just about everywhere globally and we are adding servers as demand requires it.
  • Q: How do I know can trust these servers vs other mirror servers listed on other manifests? - [Expand]
A: You are on your own on that one, this was already explained above in the introductions.
  • Q: How are these servers any different than the ones listed on Homecoming's manifest? - [Expand]
A: As explained above, the mirrors found in Homecoming's manifest are dedicated to them as far as we know.

Note: Yes we know Homecoming uses some of the above-listed mirrors as well, they are welcome to.

  • Q: Some of these mirror servers look like they are used by Homecoming, did you know this? - [Expand]
A: Yes, they were directly offered to Homecoming to use and they are welcome to use the mirrors just like anyone else.

Don't worry we have the bandwidth.