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config.txt settings

For Volume 2, these server settings are stored in C:\Ouroboros\etc\config.txt. Original defaults in the source code are in CoX/Source/AuthServer/exe/win32_release/etc/config.txt. These settings largely affect the authserver.

Setting Volume 2 Default Value Description
serverPort 2104 Listening Port for Game Server
serverExPort 2106 Listening Port for Auth server logins
serverIntPort 2108 Listening Port for GM Tools
worldPort 7000 Game server port for clients to connect to dbserver when they select a server shard after login
DBConnectionNum 2 DB Connection Pool
numServerThread 64 The number of working threads for the game server and the auth server
numServerIntThread 4 The number of working threads for GM Tools
SocketTimeOut 180 In seconds, gets multiplied by 1000 internally to convert to milliseconds
AcceptCallNum 4 The number of concurrent accept calls
WaitingUserLimit 100
Uselogd false Use LogD or not
logdip "" LogD IP Address
logdport 3999 LogD port
logdconnectinterval 1200 In seconds, interval between tries to reconnect when connection closed
UseIPServer false Use IP Server or not
IPServer "" IP server IP address
IPPort 2113 IP Server's port
IPInterval 60 In seconds, interval between tries to reconnect when connection closed
UseWantedSystem false Use WantedSystem or not
WantedIP "" WantedSystem's IP address
WantedPort 2122 WantedSystem's port
WantedReconnectInterval 3600 In seconds, interval between tries to reconnect when connection closed
UseNotifySystem false Use NotifySustem or not
NotifyIP "" NotifySystem's IP address
NotifyPort 2200 NotifySystem's port
NotifyReconnectInterval 60 In seconds, interval between tries to reconnect when connection closed
GMCheckMode false If GMCheckMode is true, Only GMs are permitted to play game.
RestrictGMIP true Only a single IP can be used for the GM
GMIP "" The single IP address allowed for the GM, when RestrictGMIP is set to true
UseSecurityCard false Use security cards for login on/off
securityFailureCount 3 Maximum allowed failure attempts
UseUnderAgeTimeLimit false Use underage time limit for login on/off (Parental controls)
underAgeTimeLimitFrom 15 Using 24-hour clock, which hour begins the limit period where underage players can't connect
underAgeTimeLimitTo 16 Using 24-hour clock, end of limit period.If it is lower than UnderAgeTimeLimitFrom, it means the next day
logDirectory "logs" Log files directory. Required or you will get a null pointer exception
CountryCode 2 Country code (0 Korea, 1 Japan, 2 China, 3 Taiwan)
IPAccessLimit 0 Maximum allowed connections for a IP address (0 means no limit)
supportReconnect false Allow reconnecting from game server (Caution, If you use IP Server, this option must be false)
chargeWhenServerDown true Charge current logged in users when game servers are gone
UsePacketLog 7 Leave Packet log or not. (This option can be ORd with 1 ipserver, 2 authgate, 4 world packet)
Encrypt true Use new method for password encryption
DesApply true ?
GameID 8 ?
PacketSizeType 3 ?
OneTimeLogOut true ?
UserData true ?
FreeServer false f2p maybe?
ProtocolVersion 190516 ?
AutoKickAccount true ?
SocketLimit 255 The maximum number of connection authenticating to login at a time
PCCafeFirst false Charge to PC cafe before charging to users. (So far, only Japan can be true)
ReadLocalServerList false ?
useQueue false Use login queue?
sendQueueLevel false ?
enableVerboseLogging false, commented out Un-comment and set to true to add more detail to the log
enableDebugLogging false, commented out Un-comment and set to true to add the highest level of detailed logging
PayStatOverride 1017 or 1004, commented out This value modulus 1000 corresponds to BillingPlanID in AccountData.h. -1 or commented out turns it off.

Known values which are not set in the Volume 2 config.txt file:

Setting Default Value Description
DevServerIP string
DumpPacket false
Reactivation 0
ReactivationValue 1012
ReactivationStart string
ReactivationEnd string
HybridServer false
useForbiddenIPList false
gameServerSpecifiesId false
allowUnknownServers false