I25 CoH Client and Server

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This is a full deployment of the i25 server with an XAMPP instance for Tequila and several useful tools.
CoH Client & Server.7z
[MD5] EDEBDBBDD5EA7F016B7AB42466894CA8
[SHA-1] 5BF626D21E99A205BB5DC1051C3D6646731042FF
[SHA-256] ED49E11829B8221C07035D2CB7CD2C43A174C5C99F60AA860D9D491921CB7CBA
[SHA-512] 0867A6C52E2BDE17CD1A44DDC58A1D3484F07FC27948F308826F64AAE23F9A95F53C50F019A6546597CCC1D113B36C1CF370E652B1957C9A64C2A47F59993912
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You'll still need both SSMS and SQL Server to make things run. Use the links below to get started.

SQL Server Management Studio:

SQL Server Express

Install SQL Server to "C:\Microsoft SQL Server" if you don't want to edit DBSchema files.

- COH-Server.7z
	This file has all the server files required to host a public i25 server.
		They will take minor edits to make work in your environment. 
		You'll also find the various database in the DBSchema folder.
- COH-xampp.7z
	This file contains an xampp instance with MSSQL PHP driver installed. 
		It has its own manifest.xml, Tequila.exe, and SCORE client in the htdocs folder. So you can patch an i25 client quickly.
		There are also several tools written by @Crust First, @DarkSynopsis, @Aleena, and other Discord members.
- COHDBTools ( https://localhost/CoHDBTool/ )
	Manage Shard
	Manage Accounts
		See Account ID / Username
		Create New Accounts
	Manage Characters
		Change character owner
		Backup character
		Import character
		Change character access level

@Crust First
- MakeAccount ( https://localhost/CrustFire/MakeAccount.php )
	Generates SQL for making accounts.
- MakeConfigs ( https://localhost/CrustFire/MakeConfigs.php )
	Generates basic configuration files.

- Account Portal
	Allow users to sign up for their own account with custom password.
	Users can also change their password on the portal.
	Display current number of accounts and characters on the server.
	Supplies client download via Tequila and custom manifest.xml
	Displays needed command line paramter to clients.

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