I25 Downloads

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Required Files

You will need the server files necessary to run the i25 server, you can either download the files directly and run them on your Windows system, or you can download one of our community-created VM images which are largely pre-configured.

Server Binaries

i25 CoH Client and Server - This is a full deployment of the i25 server with an XAMPP instance for Tequila and several useful tools.
The original server files can be downloaded from this torrent link, however it is strongly recommended to use the above deployment or one of the VM images instead. To run these files directly, you will also need to install SQL Express Edition as well as SQL Management Studio.
Original i25Binaries_InsurancePolicy.7z hashes
  • [MD5]43CF2C67D48CDAE9709E785A3EE7DD5E
  • [SHA256]B34D398F7E9A06832A9069F7156F59B53EAB395D0CE155D031CEB09DD47BEAB1

Community VM Images

I25 Community Virtual Machines - These VMs have been built to remove a lot of the guesswork as well as many points of common failure seen in direct server installs.

Optional Files

These files aren't necessary to run an i25 server, but can make your life easier in various ways.

Community Tools

Assorted Magnet Links

Magnet Links - A list of released files' torrent links, including historical files for preservation purposes.