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Server Administration

How do I disable logging system specs?

This is an extremely easy process.
Open up your servers.cfg and find the line
"SetLogLevel "SystemSpecs" 1
Change this to -2
"SetLogLevel "SystemSpecs" -2
You'll no longer get system spec logs!

How do I create an account?

You can use the PowerShell script in downloads or execute a query against the database manually.
Create NEW USER: test / password
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.user_account (account, uid, forum_id, pay_stat) VALUES ('test', 1, 1, 1014);
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.user_auth (account, password, salt, hash_type) VALUES ('test', CONVERT(BINARY(128),'46ffce3efcfe83bfa205b076d7c2084b9dcf04cdb26f9019103cde29779d26a85216b2c0f43ba1a8fb9b7fa22f05a949bf4edc314af27629e8fc23014e77a24d'), 0, 1);
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.user_data (uid, user_data) VALUES (1, 0x0080C2E000D00B0C000000000CB40058);
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.user_server_group (uid, server_group_id) VALUES (1, 1);
Crust First's web-based tool for generating SQL queries to create new accounts (Source)

How do I make a GM Character?

  • Update the character in the database with this SQL query
 UPDATE [cohdb].[dbo].[Ents] SET [AccessLevel] = 11 WHERE [Name] = 'charnamehere'
  • You can also set DefaultAccessLevel to 11 in servers.cfg,
This will only work for characters made after you make this change.
All characters after this change will be a GM.
You'll also need to restart or reload the DBServer after this change.
  • Login to the game and type /mmm to bring up an admin menu.
While /mmm only requires AccessLevel 10 to run, some of the commands available in the menu require AccessLevel 11 to successfully execute.
Most commands are also listed in Commands.cfg, which can be typed in game via chat.

How do I change my server's message of the day?

Edit message.txt in the chatdb folder, it accepts basic HTML formatting tags.

How come my server says "Paragon" and how do I change it?

The name displayed in the client is dependent on the server ID in the database, not the shard's name, and corresponds to the hardcoded list below:
  1. (empty server list)
  2. Paragon
  3. Cryptic
  4. Bree
  5. Undying
  6. Phoenix
  7. Rebirth
  8. Resurgence
  9. Titan
  10. Unity
  11. Torchbearer
  12. Unstoppable
  13. Perseverant
  14. Indomitable
  15. Timeless
  16. Everlasting
  17. Excelsior
  18. CoHWorldServer_17
  19. CoHWorldServer_18
  • These values reside in clientmessages-en.bin in the client
  • Changes Server name to Paragon
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.server (id, name, ip, inner_ip, ageLimit, pk_flag, server_group_id) VALUES (1, 'Paragon', '', '', 0, 0, 1);
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.worldstatus (idx, status) VALUES (1, 1);

  • Changes Server name to Cryptic
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.server (id, name, ip, inner_ip, ageLimit, pk_flag, server_group_id) VALUES (2, 'Cryptic', '', '', 0, 0, 1);
 INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.worldstatus (idx, status) VALUES (2, 1);

How do I start Events?

In-Game you can use the following commands to start events.
 /shardeventstart scriptdefs/Holiday_11_Event.scriptdef
 /shardeventstart scriptdefs/Halloween_11_Event.scriptdef
 /shardeventstart ScriptDefs/SpringFlingEvent.scriptdef
 /shardeventstart ScriptDefs/NemesisPlotShard.scriptdef
 /zoneeventstart RiktiInvasion
Then followed by
/zoneeventsignal "RiktiInvasion" "Prelude"
wait for 10 seconds
/zoneeventsignal "RiktiInvasion" "RunMe"
There is also "/shardeventstop" to stop said events

How do I move characters between accounts?

SQL to move character to another account. Useful if you want to move characters created on fakeauth to an actual authserver account.
 UPDATE [cohdb].[dbo].[Ents] SET [AuthId] = your account id, [AuthName] = 'your account name' WHERE [Name] = 'your hero name'
 UPDATE [cohdb].[dbo].[Ents] SET [AuthId] = 1, [AuthName] = 'AccountName' WHERE	[Name] = 'HeroName'
You can view characters in the database by doing:
 SELECT * FROM [cohdb].[dbo].[Ents]

How do I "seed" the Auction House with items?

See I25 Populate Auction Server, requires GM accesslevel ingame.

How do I enter a task force solo?

There are two commands /gettask and /getstoryarc.
Example /gettask command
/gettask BAF_Entry
Other possible tasks
Lambda_Entry, Keyes_Entry, Underground_Entry, TPN_Entry, MindsOfMayhem_Entry, DilemmaDiabolique_Entry, Magisterium_Entry, Halloween2011_Entry, BloodyBay_Entry, SummerEvent2012_Entry
Example /getarc command
/getstoryarc scripts.loc/Test/Tasks/ChrisB_StoryArc.storyarc


How do I win the game?

If your character is an admin type /autoenhance, /autoenhanceio, or /autoenhanceset.
You can find many of commands in C:\COH\data\server\db\commands.cfg
You can also type /mmm, scroll down to Design Testing, EnhanceAndInspire, Enhancements, and give yourself whatever you want.
You can level the character up to level 50 with either of the following commands:
/experience_add 39149119
/levelup_xp 50
Additional commands and details - i25 Commands

How do I increase Experience Rates?

Add the following line to servers.cfg
XPScale 2.0
The number is a direct multiplier to experience gains, change it to whatever you like, and then restart the server.
Also increases influence/infamy gains.

Can I easily change my character alignment?

Null the Gull in Pocket D has a new i25 dialog option to instantly switch a character's alignment.

How do I increase drop rates of Salvage/Recipes/etc?

There is no currently known method of accomplishing this on an i25 server.

How do I change respawn times?

There is no currently known method of accomplishing this on an i25 server.

How do I unlock all the good medals?

  1. You can give yourself any of the badge below by typing /badge_add BadgeNameHere.
    • AtlasSet (Received the Atlas Medallion) (Tourist) (Atlas Shrugged) [Adds 'The Atlas Medallion' passive power]
    • Marshal (Ex-Marshal) (Marshal) [Adds the 'Marshal' passive power]
    • DimensionalHopperSet (Portal Jockey) [Adds 'Portal Jockey' passive power]
    • BornInBattle (Born in Battle) [Adds the 'Born In Battle' passive power]
    • FreedomPhalanxSet (Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member) (Freedom Phalanx Fallen) [Adds 'Freedom Phalanx Reserve' passive power]
    • HighPainThreshold (Gotten Soft) (High Pain Threshold) [Adds 'High Pain Threshold' passive power]
    • TaskForceCommander (Task Force Commander) (Task Force Abandoner) [Adds 'Task Force Commander' passive power]
    • MayhemInvader (Return Visitor) (Invader) [Adds 'Invader' passive power]
    • Paragon (Paragon) [Unlocks 'Assemble the Team' power in the P2W Vendor under 'Prestige Powers > Travel > Teleport']
    • UnbrokenSpirit (The Unbroken Spirit) [Unlocks 'Renewal of Light' power in the P2W Vendor under 'Prestige Powers > Utility > Miscellaneous']
    • P_Relentless (Relentless) [Unlocks 'Return to Battle' power in the P2W Vendor under 'Prestige Powers > Utility > Miscellaneous']
    • InventorAccolade (Field Crafter) [Adds 'Portable Workbench' power]
    • ArchitectAccolade (Mission Engineer) [Adds 'Architect Comlink' power]
    • GoldClub (Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member) [Adds 'Pocket D VIP Pass' power]
    • CreySet (Conspiracy Theorist) [Adds the 'Crey CBX-9 Pistol' power]
    • HeadlineStealer (Yesterday's News) [Adds 'Stolen Immobilizer Ray' power]
    • RIWEAccolade (Watchwoman) [Adds 'Elusive Mind' power]
    • MagusSet (Archmage) (Arch-Mage of Agony) [Adds 'Eye of the Magus' power]
    • Demonic (Exorcised) (Demonic) [Adds 'Demonic Aura' power]
    • Megalomaniac (In Therapy) (Megalomaniac) [Adds 'Megalomaniac' power]
    • RiktiWarSet (Vanguard) [Adds 'Vanguard Medal' power]
    • GeasoftheKindOnes (Geas of the Kind Ones) [Adds 'Geas of the Kind Ones' power]
    • MayhemForceOfNature (Force of Nature) (Uninsurable) [Adds 'Force of Nature' power]

Common Issues

Why does my server show offline?

  • First make sure you've added your server into the database. You can do so with the code below.
    •  INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.server (id, name, ip, inner_ip, ageLimit, pk_flag, server_group_id) VALUES (1, 'Paragon', 'EXTERNAL IP', 'INTERNAL IP', 0, 0, 1);
    •  INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.worldstatus (idx, status) VALUES (1, 1);

Why does my AuthServer say "Non-registered world server X.X.X.X"?

  • Make sure the server is in the cohauth and set to online with the following queries
    •  INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.server (id, name, ip, inner_ip, ageLimit, pk_flag, server_group_id) VALUES (1, 'Paragon', 'EXTERNAL IP', 'INTERNAL IP', 0, 0, 1);
    •  INSERT INTO cohauth.dbo.worldstatus (idx, status) VALUES (1, 1);

Why does my AuthServer keep opening an ODBC window asking for a username and password?

Make sure AuthDB.dsn was saved into the Documents folder, or move it there and then restart the AuthServer.

Why does my DBServer say "login failed for user sa" when starting?

  • Most likely you've entered the string wrong in servers.cfg(i25 Server.cfg) or another file.
  • It could be that the sa account is still disabled as well. Double check SMSS to verify.
  • If you've entered it correctly make sure restarted the service after the changes from the guide.

Why does my DBServer say "invalid login to DBServer" when I try to join my server?

  • Most likely you forgot to change the launch parameters of your client when you moved away from using NoAuth.
 -patchdir score -patchversion 2019.04.19 -auth IPOFYOURSERVER -noversioncheck

My AuctionServer is running but why players can't list items?

  • Most likely your auction_server.cfg is incorrect.
SqlDbName cohauc
SqlLogin "DRIVER={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Server=localhost\SQLEXPRESS;Uid=sa;Pwd=YOURL33TPASS;"
  • Start AuctionServer64.exe

Why is my MapServer displaying popups?

  • Most likely your servers.cfg(i25 Server.cfg) is set to -filedebug. Change to this -nopopup to no longer see windows from it.

How can I prevent MapServer from getting popups that prevent loading until acknowledged?

Add this to servers.cfg(i25 Server.cfg):
MapServerParams "-nopopup"

Why aren't my Architect Missions aren't publishing?

  • Most likely you are missing the "missionserver" folder. Create one in the root of your server directory and start MissionServer again. For me this is C:\COH\missionserver.

What configuration files do I need to create?

You need to create auction_server.cfg(i25 auction_server.cfg), account_server.cfg(i25 account_server.cfg), chat_server.cfg(i25 chat_server.cfg), and servers.cfg(i25 Server.cfg). Crust Fire created a php script which will make these for you.
Crust Fire's Auto Config Generator (Source)

What Operating System do I need to host this?

So far users have tried many different combinations without issue! Below are a few of the most common.
Operating systems
Windows 2012 Server R2 Standard
Windows 2016 Server Standard
Windows 2019 Server Standard
Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Professional
Windows 7
SQL Server
SQL Server 2017 Express
SQL Server 2017 Dev Edition
SQL Server 2012

Why is i25 using the wrong network adapter?

If you have two NICs you might find that the i25 is using the wrong one. Some users have performed a hex edit to MapServer to correct this.

Why am I getting an error when trying to setup the AuthDB?

Most likely it is a named piped issue. The article below has helped a few users.
SQL Error 08001

When I run AuthServer.exe I get an error about config.txt

The fix for this is pretty straight forward. For some reason you are missing config.txt. This file for me is in c:\coh\etc\config.txt

How do I add AuthServer to the Community VM?

Open up ODBC Data Sources (32-bit).
  • Click File DSN then click add to the right.
  • Choose ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server. Click Next.
    • SQL Server Native Client 11.0 can be used if ODBC Driver 17 is absent on the Freedom VM.
  • Enter AuthDB into the box and hit next then finish.
  • It will then say something like ‘Which SQL Server would you like to connect to?’
    • Type localhost\SQLEXPRESS and hit next.
  • Choose "with SQL Authentication" and enter sa into username and the password (freedom on the Freedom VM or coh123! on the v2 VM).
  • Tick choose change default database to and select cohauth and hit next.
  • After this hit finish then ‘Test Data source,’ this will test the auth database connection to your main database.
  • Next you need to update your servers.cfg.
It should currently look as below
DBServer 18717
ShardName ShardName
//AuthServer 2104
DefaultAccessLevel 0
NoStats 1
UseFakeAuth 1
Change to the following
DBServer 18717
ShardName ShardName
AuthServer 2104
DefaultAccessLevel 0
NoStats 1
//UseFakeAuth 1
  • Start AuthServer.exe and update your client shortcut to use -auth instead of -db to connect to the server.

What is different in i25 from i24?

i25 Patch Notes on Google Docs

Where is the i25 source and how do I get it?

The source for i25 is now available on the Ouroboros Git. However keep in mind this code is considered "End of Life" and will not be maintained. Where the code is at right now is likely where it will remain.