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Notes for me.

You shouldn't mess with SQL directly while the servers are running, the DB server caches a lot of data and it could cause problems. The proper way to export and import characters is using

bin\dbquery.exe -getcharacter "Name">file.txt
bin\dbquery.exe -putcharacter file.txt

This also ensures you're getting all the data in the entity container, which an external tool might miss.

Always run /shardeventstop first to be sure no other event is running. Then

for Halloween: /shardeventstart scriptdefs/Halloween_11_Event.scriptdef

for Winter: /shardeventstart scriptdefs/Holiday_11_Event.scriptdef

for Valentine: /shardeventstart ScriptDefs/SpringFlingEvent.scriptdef

For Nemesis invasions: /shardeventstart ScriptDefs/NemesisPlotShard.scriptdef

To stop an event just type: /shardeventstop