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Useful Snippets

Change Character Archetype
UPDATE [cohdb].[dbo].[Ents] SET [Class] = ARCHETYPE WHERE [Name] = 'CHARACTER'
Replace CHARACTER with the target character's name and ARCHETYPE with any of the following:
1       Blaster
2       Controller
3       Defender
4       Scrapper
5       Tanker
7076    Warshade
7018    Peacebringer
9198    Mastermind
9200    Stalker
9201    Brute
9700    Dominator
10929   Corruptor
37071   Arachnos Soldier
37072   Arachnos Widow
  • Note: You will NOT be able to choose primary/secondary powers on level up or respec unless you change back to your original AT.
Move Character Between Accounts
UPDATE [cohdb].[dbo].[Ents]
SET Active = '1', AuthId='<ID>', AuthName='<Accname>'
WHERE Name = '<character name>'
Set Access Level 10 (Admin) for Character
UPDATE [cohdb].[dbo].[Ents] SET [AccessLevel] = 10 WHERE [Name] = 'charnamehere'
Adding Transient Flags to maps.db
Adding Transient 1 to zones' Containers in mabs.db allows their mapserver instances to unload, useful for solo servers or hosting with low RAM/disk space. You can easily edit every container in maps.db with the following regex.
Find: ^.+End
Replace: \tTransient 1\n$0
  • May cause unexpected behavior with door mission entrances.
Disable mapserver.exe Popups
MapServerParams "-nopopup"
in servers.cfg, line is commented out by default
Increased EXP Rate
XPScale 2.0
in servers.cfg, does exactly what it says on the tin