Volume 2 Issue 2 Release Notes

From OuroDev

Volume 2 Issue 2: Foundations of Tomorrow is here!

With it we deliver several community contributions, in addition to our long-awaited Visual Studio 2019 port! This port delivers 64-bit support for all executables EXCEPT for MapServer, the Game Client, and StatServer.

This covers OuroDev PRs 85 through 152

Lastest Source: https://git.ourodev.com/CoX/Source/-/tags/v2-i2.0.1

Data: (Not Yet Available)



  • The Client, Servers, and several utilities are now built using the Visual Studio 2019 v142 compiler!
  • Doxyfiles for all projects, libraries, and utilities are now available.
  • Updated many common libraries to the latest versions or have been replaced with open source builds


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when trying to customize powers during character creation


  • Recast Timers are now available. They can be enabled/disabled in the General tab in Options.
  • A Field of View slider is now available under the options menu.
  • Asymmetrical gloves are now supported! This requires the matching data updates.
  • Badge Monitoring has been implemented!
  • Support for commandable doppleganger pets for villains
  • Added support for the Primalist Rage meter
  • /vis_scale cap has been increased from 4.0 to 20.0.
  • New slash commands:
    • /altaccess - AL1 - Give GM Access to an Alternate Character up to your current Access Level
    • /altinvite - “Joins a different character on your account to your supergroup.”
    • /bin_map - AL9 - “Write a single bin file for the current map”
    • /citytime - AL0 - “Print the current city time”
    • /macro_image - AL0 - “Add a macro to first empty slot, using any texture as the power icon.
    • /maxMenuFps - AL0 - “Limits max frames per second while the game is in a fullscreen menu.”
    • /played - AL0 - how how much time has been played on this character.
    • /powexec_location - AL0 - “Executes a power at a specified location with the given name.
    • /runnerdebug - AL0 - “Enable limited debugging for a possible critter run-away bug”
    • /sg_alt_relay - AL9 - “Joins a player to a supergroup if they are on the same account as the inviter (player_id, sg_id, sg_type, inviter_id, inviter_authid)” Also adds a debug command notification on release clients for acc_debug_buyproduct.
    • /sg_enter_passcode - AL0 - “Enter a supergroup base access passcode.”
  • The original Outbreak and Breakout tutorials are available once again!
    • NOTE: Requires new data files for both the client and server to support this feature! Please ensure you obtain these!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where character_RespecSwap has an incorrect null check
  • Fixed an issue where aiEventNotifySetupNotification is not checking if the target has an AI if the attack deals no damage
  • Fixed an issue where csrBan crashes when a GM runs it against a player that doesn’t exist
  • Fixed several reported memory leaks


  • All Servers except for MapServer and StatServer now have 64-bit support.
  • Hard-coded C:/coh_data paths have been removed! Data is now loaded, stored, and binned local to the executables by default.
  • New default configuration has been provided for convenience of new servers.
  • Server errors are now properly logged to files in a "logs" directory.
  • Added -unpackmap flag to MapServer
    • This loads and then saves the map as if it was the map editor. If run when the map is in pigged form, it will write out the editable text version.
  • Add flags -beacononepassonly and -beaconforcerebuild to MapServer
    • Enables the beaconserver to connect to the local Master-BeaconServer, update all maps which need updating, and then exit. Adding -beaconforcerebuild will cause it to regenerate all maps and then exit.
  • Revamped server window icons
  • Added support for Per-server port specification that allows clients to request specific server groups
  • Support for commandable doppleganger pets for villains
  • Support for configurable Aggro caps!
    • 2 new configs for servers.cfg: TargetCapMode and AggroCap
    • TargetCapMode - How many entities that can be hit by player attacks - expects an integer of 1, 2, or 3. Defaults to 1 if not defined or an invalid mode is provided.
      • 1 Defaults to whatever is specified in the power file
      • 2 Scaled to a percentage of max aggro cap (Default specified in power file divided by 17 times the aggrocap [ppow->MaxTargets/17*AggroCap] which should provide x% of the aggrocap based on the original powers cap in relation to the original aggro cap of 17)
      • 3 TargetCap = AggroCap
    • AggroCap - the maximum number of entities that can have you as a target - if no value is given for AggroCap, or if it is less than 17, this value will be set to 17.
      • NOTE! AggroCap should NOT exceed 200!


  • Removed gettex's reliance on cjpeg.exe


  • asuffield
  • Brw316
  • BubbleWrap
  • Cattan
  • Clowd
  • Darwinasm86
  • Fuzzy_c
  • malonkey1
  • msh91
  • Oth
  • Pazaz
  • Searge
  • Sensei
  • Taffer
  • VoodooMike

Bugfix #1

Source: https://git.ourodev.com/CoX/Source/-/tags/v2-i2.0.1

This release fixes the following bugs for Volume 2 Issue 2:


  • soundinfo.bin was not being generated by the client during binnin
  • Fixed an options menu crash related to client builds made using Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5.