I25 Multiple Server Setup

From OuroDev

Setup Multiple Servers

This is going to be a very basic guide on how to cluster the servers together. Some of the actions I take in the guide are not required but will produce a better server environment.
This guide also assumes you've completed a normal server setup already. If not head over to I25 Server Setup to get started.
First I separated MS SQL Server onto its own machine. I did this for stability reasons and organization.
Next update all of your CFG files to point at the Central SQL Server.
While updating CFG files also update the IP addresses inside. Any entries need to be changed to the machines IP.
Then update your database to ensure it isn't using
 UPDATE cohauth.dbo.server SET inner_ip = 'MACHINELANIP' WHERE ID = 1;
Now copy your C:\CoH from the primary server(CoH-SERVER) to your secondary server(CoH-MAPSrv01).
Update your CFG files so they have the correct LAN ip address.
On CoH-SERVER change how you are launching launcher.exe. It will now need to start with a different paramenter.
 START C:\coh\bin\dbserver.exe -startall -zonelaunchers 2
At this point everything should be ready to start up!
Fire up Launcher.exe on CoH-MAPSrvr01
CoH-SERVER's launcher should automatically start all of its required applications as well if you have configured in load balance files.
The launcher should start starting maps on both servers. Give it a few minutes as there is a lot to start up.