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Note: OuroDev is purely a not-for-profit, volunteer group. Anyone asking for donations on behalf of OuroDev or any of its contributors does not represent the group and should be ignored.

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Volume 2

Volume 2 Issue 2: Foundations of Tomorrow is the main focus of the OuroDev community's ongoing efforts to clean up and modernize the City of Heroes (CoH) code. It is a very stable base for server owners to deploy, and is based off of Issue 24 (stylized as i24), which was the last publicly accessible version of the game before it was shut down. Open source and actively being updated with public releases.







Useful Tools

  • Piglet - The official OuroDev .pigg file editor
  • VidiotMaps - Overwrites existing client map graphic files with ones containing more information

Torrent links

Useful Future Links?

Issue 25

Issue 25 (stylized as i25) was extended from an i24 base by SCoRE (Secret Cabal of Reverse Engineers) over the course of six years. It included additional content for i24 power sets, added the P2W Vendor, and fixed a good number of bugs. A static release with no publicly accessible updates currently being added to it.

Client Setup Guide

Server Setup Guide

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Server Architecture


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Client-server protocols

Server protocols

Client Architecture


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